Since Oxfordshire Community Foundation was founded in 1995 we have awarded around 2,700 grants to 1,200 local charities and community groups. Below, you will find a few that demonstrate the diversity of the groups we support and the good work they do in our county.
Yellow Submarine logo

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Yellow Submarine runs a variety of projects across Oxfordshire for young people with mild or moderate learning disabilities and autism. They have a strong track record of helping teenagers transition into adulthood and find work opportunities, and a grant from OCF has helped them make a significant addition to their services.

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Leys Youth Programme started in 1999 as a football club for young people in Blackbird Leys. Now it is an independent charity working with more than 450 young people every year. A grant from OCF has helped them provide clubs and vital mentoring in areas where educational under-achievement and social exclusion amongst young people are worryingly high.

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Eve is a project under the Clean Slate umbrella. Their work helps women to deal with childhood sexual abuse or domestic abuse in adulthood. Eve used their grant from OCF to help fund satellite outreach centres in Bicester, Heyford, Banbury and Witney.

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One-Eighty helps young people at risk of exclusion from school. With a solid grounding in psychology, staff help children to address the sources of disruptive behaviour, turning their fortunes around and giving them a better future. They used a grant from OCF to help fund their Kick Start educational project.

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New Yatt Riding for the Disabled provide riding sessions for over 40 disabled children, teenagers and adults each week at their own purpose-built facilities. They have used grants from OCF to buy a pony named Jasper and to help fund a new roof for their stable block.

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Cruse Bereavement Care

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Staffed almost entirely by volunteers, Cruse was launched to meet the needs of those suffering from the effects of grief caused by death. With a grant from OCF, Cruse are embarking on a project that will train carers to deliver their services to the homeless in Oxfordshire.

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Aspire runs its own social enterprise, offering professional facilities management to local companies and private customers. Aspire used a grant from OCF to provide ex-offenders with work experience during their transition to full employment.

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Farm Ability logo

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Farm Ability used a grant from OCF to provide training, therapeutic activities and work experience for adults with autism and learning disabilities, in a supportive and caring environment on an organic livestock farm.

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Oxford hub logo

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Oxford Hub was founded in 2007 using an OCF grant. The network connects over 8,000 students with opportunities to volunteer across different causes so they can share insight, knowledge and experience.

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Banbury Young Homeless Project logo

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The Banbury Young Homeless Project has over 20 years of experience working with young people aged 16–25 who are homeless, inappropriately housed or at risk of becoming homeless. They used an OCF grant to help their family mediation and conflict resolution team to either get young people back into home, or to stop them leaving in the first place.

Visit the BYHP website

Sport for Streets logo

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Sport for Streets run fun and engaging sporting activities to help young people develop initiative and build communities. They used a grant from OCF to encourage children in areas with dense populations of social housing to take part in sports such as hockey and skateboarding.

Visit the Sports for Streets website

Asylum Welcome logo

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Asylum Welcome supports refugees, asylum seekers and immigration detainees in Oxford and Oxfordshire. They used a grant from our Coventry Building Society Fund to run Venda Club, a unique social/cultural youth club tailored to meet the needs of young male asylum seekers and refugees without a parent/guardian.

Visit the Asylum Welcome website

A full list of the community groups and charities we supported in the last financial year can be found here. OCF manages a wide range of grant-making programmes, each of which vary in the amount of funding available, criteria and maximum size of grant possible.

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  • “I know the significant difference the Community Foundations have made in helping vulnerable people respond to a variety of challenges. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Community Foundations for such great work.”
    Rob Wilson
    Minister for Civil Society
  • “Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
    Warren Buffet, an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist
    Warren Buffet
  • “It’s so good to think about the bigger picture aside from the week working at the coalface. It keeps me focused about what messages we needed to get across about ourselves as a charity.”
    Alice Walters, Strategic Development Manager at Thrive.org.uk
    Alice Walters
    Strategic Development Manager, Thrive
  • “I really appreciate your work on what for my parents is such an important project. I am glad that the fund has been developing so positively and swiftly.”
    David Evans, fundholder of the Maggie Evans Fund
    David Evans
    Maggie Evans Fund
  • “I would never have known about many of the causes I’ve helped if the community foundation hadn’t told me about them. They are doing vital work and they need our support.”
    Jane Mactaggart, one of our generous donors and philanthropy fellows
    Jane Mactaggart
  • “I like to have something worthwhile to get up for each morning… I find that the larger and more strategic the gift, the more pleasure I get out of it.”
    Dame Stephanie Shirley, a British businesswoman and philanthropist
    Dame Stephanie Shirley
    Coutts Million Pound Donor Report
  • “Prosperity requires not just investment in economic capital, but also in social capital. Community foundations are playing a critical role in helping to deliver a more inclusive capitalism.”
    Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor
    Mark Carney
    Governor of the Bank of England
  • “The huge satisfaction to be gained from spending one’s time in giving in your later years far outweighs any pleasures that you can possibly gain on the golf course, on the beach or on the back of the yacht in the Mediterranean sipping martinis.”
    Michael Oglesby, a UK businessman and philanthropist
    Mike Oglesby
    Coutts Million Pound Donor Report
  • “I really must thank the team for helping me during the application process and for having such faith in our work.”
    Kay Alty of New Yatt Riding for the Disabled Association, giving a treat to a fleabitten grey horse
    Kay Alty
    New Yatt Riding for the Disabled
  • “Much of the council's work would be impossible were it not for the contribution that the voluntary sector makes to almost everything that goes on in the county.”
    Tim Stevenson, OCF's president, wearing his Lord Lieutenant's uniform
    Tim Stevenson
    Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire and OCF President
  • “I can’t get over it; I’m still shaking when I talk about it. It’s just incredible… I feel a bit guilty about getting so much pleasure out of giving!”
    Terry Bramall, a UK businessman and philanthropist
    Terry Bramall
    Coutts Million Pound Donor Report
  • “It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place.”
    Andrew Carnegie, a 19th century Scottish American industrialist and philanthropist
    Andrew Carnegie

Legacy for a Legend logo

Legacy for a Legend

When Paul Thompson died of a sudden cardiac event, his wife and friend created a named fund in his memory that is used to fund life-saving defibrillators.

Royds Withy King logo

Royds Withy King

Withy King’s patron fund with OCF helps us deliver a professional, efficient service to our donors and grant recipients, and helps them become more strategic with their charitable giving.

Jane Mactaggart, one of our generous donors and philanthropy fellows

Jane Mactaggart

Jane holds her own named fund, to which she makes an annual donation. She works with us to develop a rolling portfolio of charitable giving.