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Future-Building Fund
The Future-Building Fund is a pilot project that focuses on capacity building and strengthening of Oxfordshire’s charitable sector.

The Future-Building Fund aims to help high-quality social organisations make changes to their model that will create a more solid platform from which they can deliver services. The fundholders are also interested in projects that enable a ‘step change’ in financial terms.

This fund does not offer core funding simply for the continuance of existing services. Grants will be given for projects that can demonstrate realistic plans for increasing reach and impact, and for building longer-term resilience for the future.

Future-Building will run until either 15 charities have received help, or for three years, whichever is reached first. Grants in the first instance will be between £10,000 and £50,000, with the possibility of further funding up to £25,000 for follow-on projects.

Total grants will be capped at £75,000 and will not normally exceed the applicant’s annual income, should this be less.

Download the Future-Building Fund Year Two Review

Who can apply?
The Future-Building Fund accepts applications from registered charities that:

  • Are based in Oxfordshire and operate primarily within the county
  • Are focused on enhancing the quality of people’s lives
  • Have an annual income of not less than £25,000 and not more than £400,000
  • Have been operating for three years or more
  • Have outstanding leadership and the capacity to grow
Projects that will be considered
The following table gives an overview of the types of initiative the Future-Building Fund grants panel is especially interested in.

Category 1: Management Category 2: Office environment Category 3: Fundraising and marketing
Accreditation Computer hardware Campaign planning
Accounting Computer software Grant programmes
HR policy Telecommunications Feedback and analysis
Emergency bridging finance Systems implementation Donor relationships
Needs and outcomes analysis Premises upgrade Web design
Mergers and partnerships Staff training Branding
Strategic planning Bid writing


If none of the categories above cover what you want to do, your project may still be eligible. Please give your own description as part of your application.

Grants will not be awarded to support:

  • Statutory organisations, including schools
  • Activities outside Oxfordshire
  • Buses, mini buses or other community transport schemes
  • Building costs, including access adaptations to buildings
  • Activities that are the statutory duty of the government or local authority

If your project is of a different type, a standard OCF grant may be more suitable.

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